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Through functional medicine strategies I help you reset, rebalance, and refine your health.


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I help health conscious women take control of their wellness through personalized protocols and in-depth lab analysis to feel their absolute best.

Partner with me to build a sustainable health plan unique to your body and lifestyle. Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the world of functional health, are looking to get to the root cause of nagging symptoms such as decreased energy, bloating or inability to lose weight, or want to take your health to the next level, my mission is to be your health advisor and support you on this journey.

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My mission is to be your health advisor and support you on this journey.

What My Clients Are Saying


I want to recommend Anne Easthope who has been incredibly helpful to me as I recover from fatigue. With testing, Anne helped me uncover unhealthy bacteria in my gut, which was treated with probiotics, herbs & supplements. I used to get sick all the time & this past year, I've only had one mild cold. Anne also helped me address problems with my endocrine system.

Huge gratitude to you for all that you have done for me! Your knowledge, logic, intuition and kindness have made an enormous positive difference in my health and well-being. My life is so much better for having worked with you!

My time with you has truly been life changing, so I wanted to say thank you for all of the time that you spent with me and helping me to get my body back on track.


I really enjoyed working with you and appreciate your care in helping me find ways to deal with my rosacea and vitamin/mineral deficiencies, as well as proactively guiding me to check hormone levels to establish balance in anticipation of menopause.


I am so appreciative that you have been on this healing journey with me. Your guidance and expert suggestions in helping to find the balance between added in supplementation, lifestyle, and living my best life in a holistic way was fantastic! Your relaxed and supportive bedside manner is refreshing and welcoming.

About Anne

I am a private health consultant and board certified women’s health nurse practitioner with 20+ years of functional, integrative, and holistic health experience, training, & knowledge. I hold a nurse practitioner master’s degree from Vanderbilt University where I completed both my undergraduate and graduate training.

I began practicing integrative & functional medicine in 2006 at WholeHealth New England in Boston and most recently spent the last 11 years in San Francisco at the Institute for Health & Healing.

My practice focuses on the application of integrative and functional medicine in a results-oriented approach. I am deeply interested in empowering my clients to find their own unique ‘perfect health balance’ by treating the whole person: body, mind, diet, & environment.


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